Enstrom Mold and Engineering, Inc.

ISO Certified Product and Mold Designs

Count on the quoted delivery and the accurate production of the products and injection molds you require for your manufacturing demands. At Enstrom Mold and Engineering, Inc., in San Marcos, California, our engineering department focuses on the product design, mold engineering, and the mold manufacturing your injection molded product requires to become reality.

Product Design

Let your ideas become a reality. From concept design to final assembly, we have the expertise and the equipment to produce it successfully. Our in house 3D printing capability let’s us check the integrity of your design before tooling is produced. This is just one of the value added services we provide to help make sure your project is a success.

Mold Engineering

Don’t take unnecessary risks that could delay your projects. Our fully equipped mold making department uses state-of-the-art tools and solid model files to create molds without compromising the craftsmanship. Our molds are built to SPE/SPI industry standards and are compatible with all standard injection molding presses.

Mold Design

Get the ultimate in mold design. We use the highest level CAD/CAM software to assist in the design and the production of our quality injection molds. We also feature SolidWorks® mold design software for solid modeling and Mastercam® software to create the best in 3D parts. This software can be used for rapid prototyping and checking design integrity. At Enstrom Mold and Engineering Inc. we use your data to create your injection molded products.

Contact us at Enstrom Mold & Engineering with the projects your business has requiring injection molded products.

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